Tips for businesses wanting to appeal to pet lovers

Britain is a nation of pet lovers – according to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association there are some 67 million pets in the country, with just under half of all UK households owning at least one animal. Whether you’re in charge of a private sector business, run an animal welfare charity or work in some other field, there is plenty of scope for you to create a buzz among pet owners (regardless of whether your target audience own cats, dogs, rabbits or some other household pet).

One effective way to market your organisation to pet owners is through promotional merchandise. Promotional giveaways can be used at an animal show or in a retail environment (for example, you could offer a free gift with purchase if a customer spends above a certain amount). Promotional merchandise can also be very cost-effective, certainly when compared to other forms of offline advertising such as print media or TV advertising. And virtually everyone likes to receive a free gift, which is why promotional products are a great way to bolster popular opinion of your organisation among the pet-owning public.

But before you place an order for a range of new promotional items, it’s worth bearing in mind there are two distinct audiences you will need to appeal to. You will have to focus on how to market yourself to pet owners, but also consider how your promotional products will impact on the animals themselves.

Pet owners

Let’s first look at those who keep pets. Of course, animal owners cross a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and income levels, though it’s probably fair to say they will all be keen to receive products that make caring for their pets that little bit easier.

Take dog owners as an example. Most dog owners will take out their dog for a walk at least once or twice a day. During the Winter months, dog owners might appreciate a warm fleece or a high viz jacket so that they (and their pooch!) can be clearly seen by motorists.

Alternatively, during the Summer, pet owners might appreciate a branded water bottle to keep them hydrated while they take their dog to the local park. Print your company name, logo and contact details on the water bottles to raise your brand exposure. And if recipients use their water bottle regularly, your brand and contact details may be seen by fellow dog walkers or passersby.


Now that we’ve covered owners, let’s consider promotional products that can be used by the pets themselves. There are plenty of promotional items available for pets from balls to soft toys to edible treats to reward good behaviour.

With so much choice available for pets and owners alike, you shouldn’t struggle to get products that not only suit the needs and desires of your target audience, but also encourage them to see your organisation in a more positive light and give them the incentive to interact with your brand further.

Do you run a pet shop or animal charity? How do you market your organisation? Have you used promotional products as part of your marketing strategy? If you have, we’d love to hear from you!

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