How using the right colours can boost your brand

If you’re in the process of drawing up or reviewing your company’s branding strategy, chances are you’ll have already figured out the importance of having the right name, logo and slogan. Part of this will involve selecting the best colours to represent your brand – but how exactly should you go about doing this?

Read on for some ideas on how to use colour in the right way for your business.

What do you want to say?

For many people, a specific colour will convey a distinct message. Blue is a stalwart of the financial services industry; as it gives the impression of serenity, reliability and security, banks and building societies have scrambled all over themselves to make this shade their own (for example, Barclays, Halifax, Royal Bank of Scotland and Nationwide).

Similarly, red is often seen as a warm, passionate colour – but it can also convey danger, too! Yellow is a happy, summery shade, while purple is associated with luxury, wealth and royalty, and green is the go-to colour for companies wanting to come across as environmentally-friendly and down to earth. Think carefully about what you want consumers to think of when they see your logo before settling on a particular colour combination.

What are your competitors using?

Top tip – go for a colour scheme that’s different to anything your competitors are using if you want to stand out in your sector. Think about what you see when you go to the supermarket – chances are you’ve noticed some of the store’s own brands have a similar packaging to that of the market leaders. You don’t want to look like a copycat when it comes to your own company, especially if the market you operate in is already saturated with rival products/services.

Consider a colour scheme that’s the opposite of that utilised by your main competitor to really differentiate your brand. Just make sure that the shades you choose still convey the message you want your customers to receive.

Is your colour scheme consistent across all media?

Once you’ve settled on a colour or set of shades for your brand, you’ll need to ensure the new look is applied across all of your company’s communication channels for consistency. Be sure to identify the exact pantone reference of each colour you want to use, so that your logo will look the same whether it’s viewed online, on TV or in a newspaper ad.

Don’t forget to apply the colour scheme to everything that’s used for marketing purposes, whether they’re promotional presents for existing customers or giveaways designed to attract new clients. You should also look at ordering new uniforms, printed clothing and stationery to fit your brand’s new image.

One of the most important things to review is your website. It’s likely that opting for an entirely new set of colours for your logo and brand will mean your website needs to be redesigned. Take this opportunity to fix any other issues with your site – e.g. poor usability, broken links, etc – and revamp your online marketing strategy as a whole. For example, you may need to tweak any ads for your products that are displayed online via advertising networks, as well as overhaul your social media pages and review your email marketing communications.

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