Want the secret to finding love? It’s not about your looks, but whether you can balance the books.

The research, conducted by NEST (National Employment Savings Trust), which surveyed UK adults in long term relationships or with recent experience of a long term relationship, found that almost half of us (45 per cent) see good financial management as essential in our ideal long term partner. In fact ‘someone who manages their finances well’ comes ... Read More »

February 20, 2014 ·


5 reasons you might want to consider sensible lending to help your finances

The number of Brits turning to loans to help them out financially increases year on year. Many find themselves in difficulty when they choose inappropriate lending options. We take a look at why you may want to consider a loan, as well as the right type of loan for your needs. Below you’ll find five ... Read More »

January 6, 2014 ·



Buying Your First Property

The process for buying property the first time can be a challenging time in your life. Whether you are buying a property alone or with a partner, you will need to seek out the best advice and avoid the pitfalls that go hand in hand with this often daunting experience. Be prepared for a great ... Read More »

December 9, 2013 ·


3 Ways to Make Sure You Qualify for Your Next Loan

You need money right now, but getting a loan isn’t as easy as walking into a bank and asking for cash – at least, there’s no legal way to just walk into a bank and walk out with the money you need. If you want the best chance of getting the money you need, you ... Read More »

November 11, 2013 ·



The Big Picture: Deciding the Length of Your Car Loan

You want a new car, but you’re not sure about taking out a loan. How long will you have to make payments? What about the loan terms? And then there’s interest. Oh interest. Everyone hates paying it – and for good reason. By the time you’re done paying for your vehicle, you probably could have ... Read More »

October 15, 2013 ·



Cash loans for getting fit

While it is true that cash loans will not buy anyone washboard-like abdominal muscles or rock-hard gluteal muscles, it can certainly help towards the end goal. Surveys show that it is becoming increasing commonplace for those wishing to get fit to be hesitant about signing up for lengthy gym memberships. Additionally, many see advertisements for ... Read More »

September 18, 2013 ·