The Difference Between Debt Consolidation and Bankruptcy: What to Consider

If you are deep in debt, you have a couple of solid options. Two of the most popular and well-known options are debt consolidation and bankruptcy. While they are both different, you should understand the difference as you will know how to proceed. With that in mind, here is a short guide explaining the difference ... Read More »

April 7, 2014 ·


Want the secret to finding love? It’s not about your looks, but whether you can balance the books.

The research, conducted by NEST (National Employment Savings Trust), which surveyed UK adults in long term relationships or with recent experience of a long term relationship, found that almost half of us (45 per cent) see good financial management as essential in our ideal long term partner. In fact ‘someone who manages their finances well’ comes ... Read More »

February 20, 2014 ·


Why You Need to Compare Energy Prices If You Are Serious about Saving Money on Your Household Expenditures

Energy prices are on the rise with no sign that prices will level off any time soon. What is worse, energy prices don’t rise in a regular pattern, but fluctuate drastically. One year the price increase may be only be a few percent while the next year it could be in the double digits. The ... Read More »

January 10, 2014 ·


Simple Strategies To Cut Your Day to Day Spending.

Everyone wants to save more money. Whether it’s to buy a new house, a new car, or to go on a holiday around the world, implementing strategies to save as much money as possible is necessary. If you need a little help, and inspiration, here are 5 ways you can limit your daily spending and ... Read More »

December 19, 2013 ·


3 Common Reasons People Get into Debt

Avoiding debt is like avoiding death, similar to taxes, everybody must trip through the ringer at one point or another. Unless you’re in the minute percent of people who pay for everything with cash, you will have a pocket of expenses loading your inbox or mailbox with monthly repayments. Managing these outgoing financial responsibilities can ... Read More »

September 28, 2013 ·


debt reasons

Signs that you are in debt

For many of us, we feel that we cannot avoid being in debt. It seems every day we are bombarded with new credit cards and loans. Even worse, they are easy to get and use. It’s no wonder that many of us are borrowing too much and quickly find ourselves under a mountain of debt. ... Read More »

September 13, 2013 ·