A Few Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Energy Bills This Winter

With salaries to consider, premises to pay for and all of those monetary demands that inevitably occur, running a business can be an expensive operation. As the temperatures drop outside, similar to households around the world, company energy bills also rise, putting additional pressure on business owners everywhere. The good news is that there are several ways you can reduce your company’s energy bills this winter.

Comparing energy prices

One of the best ways to help your business save money on energy bills is to do some preliminary research and compare energy prices. This can be done in several ways, but one of the most effective methods of reducing the cost of energy bills within a business is to employ the skills of energy advisors for businesses. Such individuals provide competitive prices from alternative energy suppliers and will advise you on the best energy deals that will ultimately save you money.

Another great way to compare energy prices is to download the energy apps. This price comparison tool has been developed by CF Labs and helps business owners to find the best price deals by comparing the gas and electricity prices of all the energy suppliers in your area.

Turn off lights with occupancy sensors

An office naturally requires a sufficient amount of light and many employees who are not particularly environmentally-conscious can leave the office without turning off any lights!

This highly avoidable yet wholly common predicament, which results in business energy bills being inevitably increased, can be rectified by simply installing occupancy sensors. Sensor lighting shuts off automatically when a room is empty and no light switch is required, meaning the days of nagging employees to turn of lights when they leave are over!

Use a thermostat

Installing an energy star-qualified thermostat will help to save your business money on energy bills by regulating a comfortable temperature throughout the day. This will automatically change to a more energy-efficient temperature during the night.

Keep heating systems maintained

In order to keep your heating systems as efficient as possible in your business it is important that you schedule heating and cooling vent maintenance at least once a year.

A system that is not working at its optimum will suck up energy and, therefore, getting your heating system maintained regularly will prove to be a wise investment and save you money in the long run.

Maintain your refrigeration

Similar to how a heating system that is well past its best will ultimately result in you spending more money on energy bills, so will a faulty refrigerator. To help save money on bills it is important that you get your fridge checked regularly to ensure that all seals are tight and that the gaskets have a tight seal. If the gaskets on your fridge are loose then replace them to ensure that you are not simply throwing money down the drain.

This is a post provided by Energy Helpline, established energy comparison website. Their targeted approach towards energy conservation allows them to offer regular advice on how to reduce energy bills throughout the year but especially at winter.

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