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April 2011

Holiday Pay: What are you actually entitled to?

If you are over 16 and the employee of a company you are legally entitled to statutory holiday as specified by the government. There are some exceptions to this rule as people who work in the armed forces, the police or the civil protection services are not entitled to statutory holiday. Whether you are full ... Read More »

April 28, 2011 ·

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Simple tips to expunge your credit card debts

The level of consumer debt is skyrocketing after the colossal economic meltdown. Consumers are vehemently looking for a way to eliminate their credit card debts. Credit card debt consolidation is considered to be one of the popular and most preferred options for the debt stricken consumers to eradicate their multiple credit card debts. The credit ... Read More »

April 25, 2011 ·

Credit Cards


Bank charges – Know your rights

Bank and Credit card charges have been heavily publicised in the media rover the past few years as people fight back against unfairly imposed and extremely high charges. It is common practice for many banks to imposed a fine of £40 for unauthorised overdrafts, bounced cheques or failed direct debits, even when the shortfall figure ... Read More »

April 21, 2011 ·



Logbook Loans – The Pros and Cons

Log book loans are a way of borrowing money without undergoing any credit checks, the main stipulation is that you must own a car to use as security against the loan. The amount that you can borrow is determined by the value of your vehicle so, for example, if you have a car that is ... Read More »

April 18, 2011 ·

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How to Successfully Get Out of Debt on your Own

For many people, it can be difficult to learn how to get out of credit card debt on your own without any outside help. However, it can be done. And many others before you have done it. The first thing to do is to stop adding on to the debt. This means it is time ... Read More »

April 14, 2011 ·

Credit Cards


Five Fantastic Finance Apps

With the invention of the iphone and Android phones new fantastic applications are being invented everyday that will revolutionise your life. Here are a few finance apps that will make your life a little easier and that you will soon wonder how you lived without…. 1.  The Natwest Money Manager: This is a free application ... Read More »

April 12, 2011 ·

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